Maths School Policy

Calculation Policy


The intention of the maths curriculum at St Paul’s Junior School is that children are taught to become competent and independent mathematicians. We follow the ‘mastery approach to teaching mathematics. We want pupils to build a deep understanding of concepts that will enable them to apply their learning in different situations and contexts. To build confident mathematicians who can solve problems we ensure all children develop confidence in number fluency, arithmetic methods, and key knowledge.


At St Paul’s Junior School, we recognise that in order for pupils to progress to deeper and more complex problems, children need to be confident and fluent across each yearly objective. We follow the White Rose schemes of learning as it has been designed to support and challenge all pupils, and is built on the belief that EVERYONE can learn maths successfully. Our planning is complemented with other resources (NCETM, Classroom Secrets, Deepening Understanding, TTRockstars, Numbots and I See Maths etc.) to ensure variation and mastery.

Through mathematical talk, children will develop the ability to articulate, discuss and explain their thinking. We endeavour to make each lesson incorporate the outdoors and link this to real life contexts or their current topic. In this way lessons will be active and engaging.


 As a result of our Maths teaching at St Paul's you will see:

  • Engaged children who are all challenged.
  • Confident children who can all talk about Maths and their learning and the links between Mathematical topics.
  • Lessons that use a variety of resources to support learning.
  • Different representations of mathematical concepts.
  • Learning that is tracked and monitored to ensure all children make good progress.


Mathematics National Curriculum

St Paul's CofE Junior School Curriculum Tracker

We use the White Rose Maths Hub plans across school to ensure that there is appropriate breadth and depth in our maths curriculum. 

yearly overviews.pdf


maths progression of skills.pdf

 Key Facts Progression

Each year group has half-termly key facts to focus on and learn. These help us close the key gaps in declarative knowledge as children progress through the curriculum.

maths key facts progression 22 23 pdf.pdf


Maths Learning


Factual Fluency

At St Paul's we understand the importance of fluency and how a strong grasp of number and times table knowledge can support working memory. Two of the tools we use for practicing our understanding of these areas are NUMBOTS and Time Table Rock Stars. Speak to your child's class teacher for login details.



55 Club Resources

PDF icon15 Club (a)      PDF icon15 club (b)        PDF icon15 club (c)       PDF icon15 club (d)

PDF icon21 club (a)       PDF icon21 club (b)        PDF icon21 club (c)       PDF icon21 club (d)

PDF icon28 club (a)       PDF icon28 club (b)        PDF icon28 club (c)       PDF icon28 club (d)

PDF icon36 club (a)       PDF icon36 club (b)        PDF icon36 club (c)       PDF icon36 club (d)

PDF icon55 club (a)       PDF icon55 club (b)        PDF icon55 club (c)       PDF icon55 club (d)

PDF icon75 club (a)       PDF icon75 club (b)        PDF icon75 club (c)       PDF icon75 club (d)

PDF icon90 club (a)       PDF icon90 club (b)        PDF icon90 club (c)       PDF icon90 club (d)

PDF icon99 club (a)       PDF icon99 club (b)        PDF icon99 club (c)       PDF icon99 club (decimals)

PDF icon100 club (a)     PDF icon100 club (b)      PDF icon100 club (c)     PDF icon100 club (d)

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