Full Governing Body Minutes

St Paul's CofE VC Junior School has a Governing Body made up of parents, staff, members of the community, representatives of local churches and representatives from the Local Authority. Governors meet at school on a number of occasions throughout the year.

Governors also visit school during the day to meet with the children and help with other areas of our school life. If you would like more information about their work, you can read the minutes of all Governors’ Meetings at school.

Our Chair of Governors, Mr Albert Owen can be contacted via the school office.

Most recent minutes

  15th January 2019

 16th July 2019

12th September 2019

23rd April 2020

14th July 2020

 22nd Sept 2020

 13th January 2021

 28th September 2021

 9th November 2021 

 26th January 2022 

 27th April 2022 

 19th July 2022 

 28th September 2022 

 22nd November 2022 

Diary Dates