Parental Questionnaires

Recently, we tried something new, in gathering your views about our school, instead of the annual parent/carer questionnaire. We found people responded more to the 1 question approach as we regularly had approximately 70% of the school community getting involved, for each question. We were also able to quickly report back the results, shortly after each deadline.

Therefore, we have kept this method of sending out regular questions on Class Dojo to gather the views of our school community on a range of topics/questions.

As always your responses are an invaluable way for St Paul’s to find out what is important to you and how we can continue to develop and improve the school for the benefit of your children. It is also an opportunity to celebrate what is working well and share this with staff and the community.

Thank you again for your time, it really is a very worthwhile exercise, and it really does influence decision making at St Paul’s.

Q1 My Child is happy in school? 253 parents responded in January 2023

January 2023 Survey results happy in school

my child is happy in school parent comments.pdf

Q2 My Child does well at St Paul's, 207 parents responded in February 2023

Parent questionnaire results 2nd questions

my child does well at st pauls parent comments.pdf

2023 Parent Questionnaire

 2022 Parent Questionnaire - using weekly questions posted on Class Dojo

In previous years we send out an annual questionnaire to all our parents / carers. We use an analysis of the results to help us track progress and set future targets. Click on the following attachments to find out what the results of our most recent questionnaires have been and how the school has responded to these.

 2021 Parent Questionnaire

 2020 Parent Questionnaire

 2019 Parent Questionnaire

 2018 Parent Questionnaire

 2017 Parent Questionnaire

 2016 Parent Questionnaire

Diary Dates