St Paul's PTA

St Paul's CofE VC Junior School Partnership is made up of parents, teachers and governors from the school. In fact, as a parent or carer of a child at St Paul's you are automatically a member of the PTA. We are a registered charity with HMRC and The Charities Commission.

The PTA committee aims to organise events and activities that:

  • Raise money to benefit all of the children within the school
  • Create and maintain a fun sense of community within the school
  • Build and maintain relationships with the local community

The monies raised by the Partenrship have been used in the past to introduce ipads into the school to enhance the already fantastic IT provision, replace the ovens used for cooking with the children, provide play equipment for all the children. We also support the school whenever they need some extra helping hands at sponsored events and fun days. 

This year we have two enormous challenges ahead. Firstly, through event fundraising, we are aiming to help the school purchase some outdoor staging equipment. 

We work through sub-teams and committees organising select events that align with the above aims. These activities are limited only by our imagination as a school, and the amount of time that our volunteers have! So please feel free to get involved; whether it's offering to volunteer at events, joining the committee, help with fundraising, introducing us to fundraising programmes in your place of work or suggesting an idea on our Facebook Page, all help is welcome.

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