Our St Paul's definition of Spirituality derives from the sense that it refers to something more. It links closely to our Christian School Vision and the values that we uphold.

'It is not something that we can see; it is something we feel inside. It is about awe and wonder, asking questions, inspiration and being aware of something 'bigger' outside of ourselves.'

Spirituality is important to our school for the following reasons:

  • for our mental health and wellbeing. To be calm and at peace; giving us a rest from noise and pressure
  • to develop that curiosity and questioning to help us wonder
  • to stop, reflect and be grateful. To appreciate the wonderful world we live in. To heighten our senses and pay attention to detail
  • to marvel at the simple and beautiful. To enjoy colour, structure and form.
  • to think about other people, places and see the wider picture. To move away from instant gratification. To think about our place in the world.

To help our children, staff and community to understand this further, we use the concept of Windows, Mirrors and Doors developed by Liz Mills.

Windows 'I wonder if you have noticed?' 

Children notice more about themselves, others and the world around them. They whole curriculum and school life give opportunities to sensitively see the 'wows' and ows' of the world.

Mirrors: 'I wonder how you feel?'

Children are given the time to reflect on their experiences, feelings, values and beliefs. These may be planned or unexpected. Children may comment, listen, discuss and question.

Doors: 'I wonder what we could do?'

Children may respond in a creative way with a thoughtful and purposeful response. This may be a change in attitude or social action and becoming agents of change.


We plan a provide a range of experiences for children to explore the meaning of spirituality and encourage children to explore the fullness of life through: 

Daily Collective Worships

Exploration of the school grounds

Engagement with Newsround

Charity work as chosen by the School Council

Forest School

Remembrance Poppies

Celebration Worships - Star of the Week, Value Champions, Home/Sport Achievements

Jigsaw PSHE lessons

Prayer writing for the school values

Church services

School and Community roles

House Captain Weekly Speeches


Spiritual Development Policy

Diary Dates